Oktober, 2022

08OktGanztägig09Budapest (HU) | Sat Nam Rasayan with Fateh SinghLevel 2 weekend + Sangat Monday(Ganztägig) CET Adi Shakti Yogacenter, Budapest, Bakáts u. 5, 1092, UngarnThema:Stufe 1 Ausbildung,Ausbildung Stufe 2,Offener WorkshopInternational:BudapestLehrer:Fateh Singh

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Sat Nam Rasayan healing workshop with Fateh Singh Khalsa (Germany)

Sat Nam Rasayan® – Yoga – Meditation

October 8/9 beginners and Level 2. Open for traveling students.
Morning and evening program, gurdwara, sadhana, meditation, singing.
private healing appontments

October 8-9, 2022, join me for a long weekend in Budapest with the local Sangat.
Probably we will celebrate a Gurdwara on Saturday or Sunday evening.
On Monday is time for private appointments, Kirtan singing practice and SNR evening class.

“Listen to the silence, wherever you are, is a simple and direct way to be present. Even if there is noise, there is always some silence behind the sounds. Listening to the silence instantly gives you peace of mind.“
Eckhart Tolle

Sat Nam Rasayan teaches a wonderfully easy approach to dealing with the rush and stress of life. An unforgettable experience that can bring many new turns and breakthroughs in your life. It opens up your possibilites and is the best way to become a real meditator and healing practitioner!

This ability will infuse all spheres of your life and you begin to perceive yourself and those around you at a much deeper and subtler level.

Let your presence work and learn to be a natural Healer. A new level 1 training starts in 2023 and includes 12 workshop days in a period of 1 year

PROGRAM: Sat Nam Rasayan Healing, Kundalini Yoga
Registration: info@shaktjoga.hu





Oktober 8 (Samstag) - 9 (Sonntag) CET


Adi Shakti Yogacenter

Budapest, Bakáts u. 5, 1092, Ungarn


Navnihal Kaurinfo@shaktijoga.hu