About Fateh Singh

Fateh Singh is an inspiring teacher of Kundalini Yoga, a Sat Nam Rasayan instructor and natural path healer and psychologist.

He met Yogi Bhajan first in 1991 and teaches Kundalini Yoga since 1994. His intensive personal meditation practice and his deep understanding of Numerology and the yogic healing art Sat Nam Rasayan® shape his authentic Yoga classes. With his humorous way he knows how to deliver a clear experience also about complex topics.

Being a trainer for the meditative healing art Sat Nam Rasayan, Breathwalk and Yoga Numerology he offers introductory workshops trainings and advanced classes worldwide. Fateh Singh has an extensive knowledge about many aspects of Yoga and shares this ancient wisdom in a very practical way. He has a unique talent to make these sacred teachings applicable to our modern life.

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Fateh Singh
Tel. 0177 468 97 97
Mail: fateh@yoga-rahlstedt.de
Web: www.yoga-rahlstedt.de


Sat NAM RAsayan

Fateh SIngh teaches Sat Nam Rasayan since 1997 and has worked closely with Guru Dev Singh to oversee the International School of Sat Nam Rasayan . He represents the Sat Nam Rasayan school in Germany and teaches creative and authentic courses.


  • Sat Nam Rasayan. Workshops und trainings. www.sat-nam-rasayan.eu
  • Breathwalk (Yoga-Walking). Workshops und training for BW-Instructors. www.breathwalk.de
  • Yoga numerology inspired by Yogi Bhajan. Workshops, training, readings.
  • Gong Meditations, classes.
  • Kundalini Yoga for specific topics.
  • Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan Retreats and travel. www.yoga-rahlstedt.de/reise

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Juni 2024

15Juni(Juni 15)10:0016(Juni 16)16:0010:00 - 16:00 (16) Hannover | Sat Nam Rasayan mit Fateh Singhfür Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene. Thema Soma ChakraBliss Hannover Kundalini Yoga Zentrum, Limmerstr. 29, 30451 HannoverStadt (D)Hannover,HildesheimLehrerFateh Singh

19JuniGanztägig23(Ganztägig) Kundalini Yoga Festival Dtld 2024 I Sat Nam RasayanSat Nam Rasayan Workshops und BehandlungenHof Oberlethe, Wardenburgerstraße 24 - 26203 WardenburgStadt (D)Oberlethe bei BremenLehrerFateh Singh,Sven Butz

August 2024

03AugGanztägig11(Ganztägig) European Yoga Festival 3HO | August 3-11th, 2024Sat Nam Rasayan workshops and healing sessionsLehrerDeva Singh Foerster,Fateh Singh,Seva Kaur,Siri Ram Singh

23Aug(Aug 23)18:0025(Aug 25)16:0018:00 - 16:00 (25) Boizenburg | Sommercamp Sat Nam RasayanRetreat in der Guru Ram Das Academy bei HamburgGuru Ram Das Aquarian Academy, Kleine Wallstraße 7, 19258 BoizenburgStadt (D)Boizenburg bei HamburgLehrerFateh Singh,Seva Kaur

September 2024

07Sep(Sep 7)19:0008(Sep 8)16:0019:00 - 16:00 (8) Sat Nam Rasayan instructor conference | online & presenceSNR organizers and long-time students are welcomeStadt (D)- ONLINE -LehrerDaya Singh (IT),Fateh Singh,Guru Dev Singh

Oktober 2024

20OktGanztägig(Ganztägig: Sonntag) Hamburg | Ausbildung Stufe 2 | Thema ResonanzTeilnahme als Kurspatient möglichYogaraum Gurdwara 3HO Hamburg, Heinrich Barth Str. 1, 20146 HamburgLehrerFateh Singh

26Okt(Okt 26)10:0027(Okt 27)16:0010:00 - 16:00 (27) Karlsruhe | Offener Workshop "INTUITION" mit Fateh SinghOffener WorkshopSangat, Gartenstraße 72, 76135 KarlsruheStadt (D)KarlsruheLehrerFateh Singh

Dezember 2024

10DezGanztägig(Ganztägig: Dienstag) Guru Dev Singh birthday | December 10thOnline meditation with the international Sat Nam Rasayan familyStadt (D)- ONLINE -LehrerDaya Singh (IT),Fateh Singh,Guru Dev Singh

April 2025

05AprGanztägig(Ganztägig: Samstag) Guru Dev Singh memorial | April 5thOnline meditation with the international Sat Nam Rasayan familyStadt (D)- ONLINE -LehrerDaya Singh (IT),Fateh Singh,Guru Dev Singh