11th Kundalini Surjhee in 2020

Sat nam, we’ve been receiving wonderful feedback about the Online Surjhee end of April 2020. Let’s keep this positive vibration flowing!

The Japa is open to participants with meditation experience.
It is not a requirement to have participated in a Japa before.

Join Guru Dev Singh and other facilitators to perform a profound meditation of 11,000 repetitions of the beautiful shabad, Kundalini Surjhee Satsangat, in praise of Guru Ram Das. Together we’ll sit for five days until 11,000 repetitions have been completed for a total of about 66 hours. This recitation gives an intensive experience of the flow and rising of the Kundalini Energy and has a rejuvenating effect on the body through toning the inner organs.  

This retreat is a deep blessing and opportunity for everyone who wants to take the yoga and
meditation practice to a new level of depth and perfection.

 To participate 19 – 23 August 2020 in Kasteel de Berckt (NL) please register here online.

Online Registration 


19 – 23 August 2020 in Kasteel de Berckt (NL)

with Guru Dev Singh, Sadhu Singh, Hari Nam Kaur, Hari Singh and other facilitators.

Start: Wednesday 22.00 h, End: Sunday ca. 08.00 h
Costs: 640 € including basic accommodation (4-7 bedrooms) and meals

50 €/ person in a double room, 100 €/ person and single room (if available)
620 € for Camping
Extra night (18 – 19 August or 23 – 24 August): 35 €

Let’s come together and raise the energy.
Let’s come together to breathe and chant.

Example of a day

The Shabad will be playing continuously, 24 hours a day once the course starts. You are welcome to pace yourself in order to get the 17 hours of meditation you need for that day. You do not have to always sit in the group or stay in the meditation hall. We will have the shabad available for you to download onto your personal MP3 player if you would like to get up and move around. It is recommended that you get up and move for at least 10 minutes in each hour.

It is up to each individual to pace their personal and sleep needs, and still accomplish 17 hours of meditation each day. Depending on the exact musical Shabad we use, these numbers will adjust slightly.


If Guru Dev Singh cannot travel at the time of the Surjhee he will be participating and holding the space from Mexico. The recitation doesn’t need a specific place to hold the power of the Surjhee mantra and it can be held from any distance, to work perfectly.

Guru Dev Singh has chosen Sadhu Singh, Hari Singh, Hari Nam Kaur and others to facilitate the Surjhee. With all love and looking forward to serve you at the Surjhee Japa.

Join a memorable and powerful surjhee. Guru Dev is one of the few great masters alive and it’s a blessing and unique opportunity to participate in any of his courses. A video stream is arranged and we are looking forward to experience this practice and to share community and friendship. Sat nam.

Getting to Kasteel de Berckt and back
This year we cannot arrange transport Düsseldorf airport (DUS) – Kasteel de Berckt.

One bus starts at 12.30 h on August 19 from the International Airport Duesseldorf. Please let us know as soon as possible if you want to take the shuttle service. Mail us your flight number and your time/date of arrival and departure! You will meet at the MEETING POINT, in the whole airport there is only one meeting point – in central arrivals. The driver has a sign “KUNDALINI SURJHEE”.

If you are booked in and you need to cancel please let us know til 10.08.20 otherwise you need to pay (25 €). Travel time: 1 h

If you like transport from Kasteel de Berckt back to DUS airport with the shuttle service at 12.30 please let us know til 10.08.2020 You need to pay your ticket when you Check In (25 €). Thanks.

You can also take the train to Venlo. Travel time: ca. 1 hour, www.bahn.de

Please reserve your spot in the shuttle under: www.airport-weeze-shuttle.de
Venlo: The train station in Venlo is located about 10 km from the Kasteel de Berckt, a taxi ride takes approximately 15 minutes.

In Venlo you can also drive by Bus 77 destination Roermond, get off at busstop ‚De Berckt‘ in Baarlo LB and Walk to ‚de Berckt‘ in Baarlo LB.

Time, Costs, Payment, Cancellation
19-23 August 2020, the course starts on Wednesday at 15.00 h and ends after lunch on Sunday ca. 11:00
640 Euro including basic accommodation (4-7 bedrooms) and meals, we have a few single rooms (100 € extra) double rooms (50 € per person extra)
Bring the balance cash at the moment of the registration.

We are able to accept US dollars and Euros (cash). We don’t accept personal checks or Mastercard/VISA.

If you like to pay via bank transfer til 10.08.2020: Bank Account: Sat Nam Rasayan Foundation, Den Texstraat 46, 1017 ZC Amsterdam

REASON FOR TRANSFER: “donation – your name” IBAN: NL49 ABNA 0426 6229 44, BIC: ABNANL2A, Bank Name: ABN-Amro, Bank Address: Postbus 6382; 1005 EJ Amsterdam, Account Nr:

Please note that your registration is binding. To cancel, you must send an email stating that you wish to cancel to: carmen.smida@sat-nam.de. While we always try to treat cancellation sympathetically, we reserve the right to apply the following cancellation fee: before 01.08.2020 it is free of charge. Please read www.sat-nam-rasayan.de/ks-agb. Transfer the cancellation fee to the following bank account:

Sat Nam Rasayan Foundation, Den Texstraat 46, 1017 ZC Amsterdam, REASON FOR TRANSFER: “donation – your name” IBAN: NL49 ABNA 0426 6229 44, BIC/SWIFT: ABNANL2AXXX, Bank Name: ABN-Amro, Bank Address: Postbus 6382; 1005 EJ Amsterdam Account Nr:

If we cancel the retreat: We have never had to cancel a Kundalini Surjhee, however, if we do cancel a retreat, we will refund to you all deposits. We cannot however compensate you for airfare or travel costs incurred. The organization is not held liable for flight or other costs.  

Kasteel de Berckt near Venlo (NL), De Berckt 1, 5991 PD Baarlo (NL), www.kasteeldeberckt.nl


English, German: Carmen Smida
Tel. +49(0)2331 340 2922
Mobile +49(0)178 522 22 29

Information in French, Dutch:
Guru Hans Kaur, Fon +33(0)612411820

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Together we’ll sit for five days until 11,000 repetitions have been completed for a total of about 66 hours.

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