Re Man Meditation
19th – 25th of Febuary 2018 in Mexico

Every year a large group gathers to recite the Re Man Shabad.
The Shabad comes from the Dasam Granth,
the writings of the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh.
Yogi Bhajan said that reciting the Re Man 11,000 times
gives one a „Golden Aura“.

We will sit together and continuosly recite the Re Man Shabad
for 7 days until 11,000 repetitions are completed.

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Ray man eh bidh jog kamaa-o
Ray man eh bidh jog kamaa-o O Mind, practice yoga in this way:
Singee saach akapat kanthalaa dhi-aan bibhoot charaa-o Let Truth be your horn, sincerity your necklace, and let meditation be the ashes you apply to your -body.
Taatee gaho aatam bas kar kee bhichhaa naam adhaarang Make self-restraint your lyre, and the Naam, the Name of God, your support.
Baajay param taar tat har ko upajai raag rasaarang Vibrate the strings of the Sound-Current, and hear the sweet Songs of the Lord.
Ughatai taan tarang rang at gi-aan geet bandhaanang The waves of sweet sound bring ecstacy, and through the Songs of the Lord, Divine Knowledge is infused.
Chak chak rehay dayv daanav mun chhak chhak bayom bivaanang The demons and demi-gods in their heavenly chariots will be amazed, and the sages intoxicated with delight.
Aatam upadays bhays sanjam ko jaap so ajapaa jaapai Instruct your soul, wear the loin-cloth of self-restraint, and chant the Name of the Lord, even while silent.
Sadaa rehai kanchan see kaayaa kaal na kabahoo(n) bayaapai In this way, your body shall remain forever like gold, and death shall never draw near you.