Sat Nam Rasayan healing workshop with Fateh Singh (Germany)

Sat Nam Rasayan open class
The Sat Nam Rasayan healer recognizes the flow of reality as it appears. When compassion arises, it expands like the light of the sun and the moon, without logic or reason. In this class we will go into deep healing and explore the heart of the healer.  The class is open for all students with an interest in healing, yoga or meditation.

Time 17-19;30h
Cost 45 € (cash only)
Register at
Address: Den Textstraat 46, Amsterdam

On the weekend there will be a free program of Sadhana (morning yoga and meditation), Kirtan & Gurdwara (devotional singing).
On Monday is time for treatments by Fateh Singh.

Fateh Singh
Fateh Singh teaches Sat Nam Rasayan since 1997 and has worked closely with Guru Dev Singh to oversee the International School of Sat Nam Rasayan. He represents the Sat Nam Rasayan school in Germany and teaches creative and authentic courses.



Fateh Singh