August 21st, 2021| Yoga, deep meditation and healing. “Taboo is where the relation ends”

Yoga, deep meditation and healing.
In times of change new fears and taboos arise in people. This is where relations break and reason ends, “let’s not talk about it”. This course explores how to deal with such sentiments.
Online workshop open for Yoga students of all traditions.

SATURDAY 15:30-18h Yoga and meditation course
Sunday 4-5h morning meditation
Cost 40€ / 35€ (for low economy)
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After the course
18-18:30h Sat Nam Rasayan advanced students can give remote treatments to each other or to the course participants.
18:30-19h Guru Ram Das chant oganized by

Fateh Singh is an international teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Numerolgy, Sat Nam Rasayan, Breathwalk.
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