The Paris Conference is an event dedicated to Sat Nam Rasayan instructors and to those who are interested in the process of teaching Sat Nam Rasayan. If you are interested to join and not sure whether this is suitable for you, please contact

It remains a wonderful weekend in Paris in the presence of Guru Dev Singh and more than 150 participants, practicing Sat Nam Rasayan and Kundalini Yoga for 6 hours a day. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn and develop your own skills as a healer and to enjoy the magnificence of the city of Paris wich is a unique place where you can breathe an atmosphere full of charm and Grandeur.

Dear Sat Nam Rasayan instructors & candidates,
dear Paris guests,

Sept 12-13, 2020

Course with Guru Dev Singh
Friday evening is open class.
Saturday & Sunday is the “Sat Nam Rasayan teachers conference”
The classes with Guru Dev Singh are open for any Sat Nam Rasayan student.

If you teach Sat Nam Rasayan you are obliged to join this conference. If you do not come: please do not teach from now until next year Paris. If you have an important reason not to attend the conference, and wish to be granted an exemption, please write to Fateh Singh.

SNR Instructor Meeting Friday afternoon UPDATE JULY 8th:
The Friday afternoon meeting with Fateh Singh and Daya Singh will NOT happen this year 2020. Please see for all LATEST COURSE UPDATES. 

On Friday afternoon we have a teachers meeting with Fateh Singh (coordinator of the teachers). Daya Singh (director of the school) will also join.
This year there is not a preparation exercise For the SNR instructors. This meeting is only for students who have started to teach SNR or have applied to do so.

Please note, same as always:

  • The course cannot take any responsibility or reimbursement for your travel cost, in case Guru Dev Singh may not be able to come on short notice.
  • If you teach Sat Nam Rasayan it is mandatory to join this conference.
  • No recording, no broadcasting. This is a family event to discuss also questions.
  • The Paris conference does not count towards the SNR L1 or L2 certification.
  • No questions to Guru Dev in the breaks. He needs that time to rest.
  • If you are sick (cold or flue) sit in the back please and not near Guru Dev.

You find all information in the calendar.
Please note the new location.

Espace Saint-Martin
199 Bis, Rue Saint Martin
75003 Paris

For any questions or inquiries about the Paris event, please write to
Hari Jiwan Kaur,

For questions about teaching Sat Nam Rasayan, please write to

For any other question about Sat Nam Rasayan school please write to

Thank you!