19-23 October 2023 in Moscow

In Hamburg gibt es die Möglicheit in einer Gruppe gemeinsam online teilzunehmen. Bei Interesse daran melde dich bitte unter info@sat-nam-rasayan.de . Diese Möglichkeit besteht für Absolventen der Sat Nam Rasayan Stufe 1 nach Absprache auch wenn du noch kein Japa Retreat mitgemacht hast.
Beginn: Donnerstag 19. Oktober ab 14 Uhr. Ende Montag Morgen um circa 7 Uhr,


Repetition of Kundalini Surjhee Shabad
Kundalini Surjhee — is a shabad written in honour of Guru Ram Das. A recitation of this Shabad for 11.000 times gives understanding and experience of the flow and Kundalini Energy, provides TOTAL REJUVENATION OF THE INTERNAL SYSTEM by harmonising and tuning the internal organs.
Japa is always a very deep meditative experience that takes practice to a new level. But for that, a person must have a strong discipline and a certain experience of regular meditations.

This Japa is open to participants with meditation experience.
It is not a requirement to have participated in a Japa before.

This retreat is a deep blessing and opportunity for everyone who wants to take the yoga and meditation practice to a new level of depth and perfection.