Re Man Meditation

Feb 18 – Feb 25, 2024 in Rishikesh / India

online participation is also possible


Every year a large group gathers to recite the Re Man Shabad.
The Shabad comes from the Dasam Granth,
the writings of the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh.

Yogi Bhajan said that reciting the Re Man 11,000 times gives one a „Golden Aura“.

We will sit together and continuosly recite the Re Man Shabad for 7 days until 11,000 repetitions are completed.

The ReMan-Japa is a very intense practice and we want to be sure, that everyone is safe. For this reason we reserve the right to decide if someone may participate or not. If you want to participate for the first time, we kindly ask you to write down a meditation-cv and explain your meditation experiences, including kind of practice and duration as well as your personal daily practice.

TRAVEL: Airplane to New Delhi. From Delhi you can continue by train to Haridwar or take a domestic flight to DEHRADUN. If you book the domestic flight with your international ticket, you will be helped if you miss a connection. Also you will have the same baggage allowance, otherwise domestic flights in India often include only 15kg. From Dehradun take a taxi.

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